International abstract slots for SfN meeting 2017

Dear FAONS Executive members, Representatives and friends
The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) now provides international societies with a number of ‘abstract slots’ that allow some of their members who are not members of SFN to submit abstracts to the 2017 SfN meeting in Washington, Nov 11-15, and register for the meeting at the SfN member rate. FAONS coordinates the allocation of these abstract slots to selected authors in the Asian-Pacific region. Preference will be given to students and postdoctoral candidates and to people in Category I, II, and III countries of the regions as defined by the World Bank. Please help to disseminate this information to potential participants in your region. The number of slots is limited. Please ask interested authors to contact me at  and provide the name, email, country and status (students, postdoc etc) no later than 2 May 2017.
Thank you very much
WH Yung
FAONS Secretary

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